Payment issues

When payment is problematic. What to do after receiving warning emails.

Why payment can fail

OneStepCloud manages service on it's own, automatically at the end of the billing period, however, sometimes payment fails. Usually the reason is the credit card.

Possible card issues that cause payment fails:

  • Card has expired
  • Card has been blocked
  • Funds blocked in an account

If you are using promocodes, you need to have enough funds to pay costs overflowing promocode value.

Status of all your payments can be seen on the invoice list.

Invoice list

What happens after payment fails

Invoice, that has not been paid, has to be paid as soon as possible. However, if it wouldn't be settled:

  • Immediately after automatic payment fails, invoice status changes to unpaid. Also the warning on the top of the page will appear.

Warning notice on the dashboard Invoice overdue

  • 24 hours after automatic payment fails, you will receive an email with unpaid invoice notice.
  • 7 days after the invoice has been issued, most of the actions on your infrastructure get blocked. Status of the invoice changes to overdue You will receive an email with notice about infrastructure being blocked
  • 30-31 days your infrastructure and group are deleted. At this point, your account or data cannot be restored.

In the meantime, email with notices are being sent. All the time of invoice problems, notices are visible on the top of dashboard view.

Manual payment

In most cases the automatic payment can fail because there is a problem with the credit card. Please check that the default credit card that is marked as default did not expire and has enough funds. You can try to add another credit card to settle the invoice. Remember to mark the new credit card as default. OneStepCloud will use only the credit card marked as default.

To settle the invoice manually, go to invoices list. It's in the billing category on the menu.

Link in the menu

You can also go there through the button in notice.

Link in the notice

List of the invoices will show. When button Settle is clicked, system will attempt to settle the invoice. If everything's correct, invoice will be settled immediately. If not, check the credit card and try again after 5 minutes. In case the payment is still not possible, please contact support.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020