Available resources

When creating an account in portal, you are granted resources you can use for creating your infrastructure. Only resources assigned to configured machine are billed, of course. Nevertheless, even before configuration of the machine, its resources are reserved. Limits are derived by physical infrastructure.

You can see actual usage in any moment and view of Dashboard.

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Exceeding limit when editing VM

If your infrastructure consists of more than one virtual machine, it is possible to exceed the limits while editing one of them. If so, machine will not be edited and user will see this message:

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If you need more resources in your infrastructure, contact with us via support@onestepcloud.com

Exceeding limit when creating new VM

If more than one VM are being created in infrastructure, it's possible that there is not enough resources left to create the machine. If so, an alert will appear after clicking Create button and machine won't be created. Machine can be probably created with lower resources used. If decreasing parameters is not an option, please get in touch with our support via support@onestepcloud.com

Extending resources limits

It's not possible to extend limits on your own. Please contact the support via support@onestepcloud.com. Then limits can be extended depending on your needs.

Still need help? support@onestepcloud.com
Last updated on 16th Mar 2020