How to create an account

If you wish to create an account on OneStepCloud click on the Get started or Join us button visible at the top of your page.

Getting started button

Getting started

Fill out all the required information. Please use an email address that you can easily access, a username that you can remember and a secure password.

Basic information form

If your selected email address or username is taken, please select a different name.

Email address or username is occupied

Follow the link to fill in all information needed to start working on your account.

Detailed information

After clicking the button, you have to fill in the forms of your billing information:

Changing billing address

Also, do not forget to fill out Credit Card information:

Credit card details

If you have a promotional code, you can use it in the billing overview.


If you had started creating machine on the landing page and registered account, go to the Create virtual machine page in Virtual machines section. The parameters chosen before will be already chosen and machine will be created after clicking the Create button.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020