Working with marketplace

Adding a product to your account

Sometimes you may need additional software to achieve your goals. If the licence is needed to run it, we might provide it in our marketplace. You will be able to easily manage both machines and software licences in our platform.

You can be charged immediatelly or on the end of the month. Payment type information are visible in the product box after selecting option. If you wish to add a product from the Marketplace just click on Products in Marketplace section on the side menu and choose which product would you like.

To see this section, user has to have granted marketplace view permission. To buy or cancel subscription, marketplace manage permission is needed. Please contact primary user of your group if you need those permissions and don't have them.


Then you just need to choose the type of the product from the list in a proper tile.


As soon as you click your proper type, a few messages will appear. The first one will inform you how your choosen type will be charged while the second one will inform you about the whole cost.


There are two ways your products will be charged. The first one with the message: Item costs will be charged immediately means that the product will be charged immediately from your account using your account balance and/or default payment method. The second one: Item costs will be charged at the end of the month means that the cost will be added to your monthly invoice. To check if everything is correct just go to the Billing section. If you wish to learn more about Billing section, browse the articles on the right menu.

To accept the transaction you just have to click Buy button.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020