My subscriptions at marketplace

Checking my subscriptions

If you wish to check your subscriptions, go to My subscriptions page in Marketplace section. A list of your bought subscriptions will appear.


Here you can check a few information such as name, purchase date, expiration date. Below you can find out what each of them means:

  • Name - A name of your subscription, which is instant. You are not able to change that.
  • Purchased at - A date when you have bought your subscription.
  • Expiry - A date when your subscription will no longer be valid. To see the exact expiry date hover your mouse over the date. A tooltip with details will appear.

Cancelling my subscription

Normally every subscription is automatically renewed as soon as it is expired. To stop that proccess you have to click the Cancel button in the subscriptions table. If you do that, your subscription will no longer be renewed when it expires.

Subscription row

Downloading an invoice

In order to download the invoice of your subscription just click the button Download in the table you can see above.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020