Usage of dedicated machine

Usage of dedicated machines. Payment system for dedicated machines. How to stop renting the machine.

Usage of dedicated machines

To start using our machine, go to section Dedicated machines in the dashboard menu and click on Rent dedicated machine.

Dedicated machine menu

If you see message like in the image below, you need to expand your group's limits. Go to this page to see what to do

Limit message

List of available products should appear. Every row contains information about machine to rent. Unlike virtual machine, here parameters cannot be changed. Click Rent button and you will see the product in the Dedicated machines view.

Dedicated machine

After clicking on the tile, you will see detailed view. Here you can go to networking and create mappings to your machine or manage permissions. Also, all information about your machine is visible

Accessing your dedicated machine

You can remotely access your machine by VPN connection (detailed insctruction is available here) Machine can be also accessed through NAT mappings (detailed instruction is available here)

Payment system for dedicated machines

Dedicated machines have price calculated for hours and is billed that way. However, every machine has minimum rent time that is visible in the table of products in Rent dedicated machine section, along with minimum rent cost.

Dedicated products

Minimum rent time

Minimum rent time is set individually for every product. If you plan to use infrastructure longer than it says in the table, the cost will be hour precise.

If you want to stop renting machine before it works for minimum rent time, cost will be calculated for minimum rent time.

*Example: Machine minimum rent time is 24 hours and it's $2 per hour. If you want to give up on renting machine during the day, for instance, after 12 hours, machine cost on invoice will be still $48 for minimum rent time which is 24 hours. *

It's good idea to plan infrastructure usage for at least minimum rent time. Don't worry about accidental removing of machine - you will get notice if minimum rent time has not been reached yet.

Minimum rent time

How to stop renting the machine

To stop renting the machine, go to detailed view of your machine by clicking on it on dedicated machines list.

Detail view

Then click resign button in details view. Please be aware of minimum rent time and minimum rent cost that will be added to invoice in case machine will be removed after period shorter than minimal.


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Last updated on 2nd Sep 2020