Virtual Machine creation

The creation of a rotating machine can be done by selecting VIRTUAL MACHINES in the workspace management panel and clicking CREATE NEW MACHINE. If you don't have any VMs yet, you have this image:

choose virtual machine

If you already have existing machines in your workspace, the button is at the top.

choose virtual machine

  • Then we choose the operating system and its version.
  • We determine the size of the machine resources.
  • We determine the name of the machine.
  • We determine how to connect to the machine (authorization)
  • We set an address where we will connect to the machine (private network)
  • Optional ** additional ** dedicated public IP address for the machine being created.

On the right side we can see a sum-up of our actions.

sum up wirtual machine

After clicking Create, we can use the created machine that appears in the panel. The password to connect to the machine comes in an email.

If you need a other operating system, please contact

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Last updated on 2nd Sep 2020