Managing public addresses

Overview of networking tab. How to manage your public addresses.

Requesting new public address

To request a new public address click on the Request new public IP address button.

Networking overview

Confirm your choice.

Public address confirmation

A new public address will be assigned.

List of public addresses

Only 3 public addresses are provided for your usage. If you need additional IP addresses, please contact support.

Deleting public IP address

If you no longer need a public address, click on the trash icon to remove the IP address. After confirming your choice, the public IP address will no longer be available.

Public address information

If you wish to look up services that are available on the particular public address, click on the info icon. In this view, you are able to see a list of virtual machines and services that are being mapped on this public address.

Public address information

If you wish to edit any of the mappings, click on the Edit button.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020