Managing virtual machine network mappings

To deploy services on your virtual machines and have them available on the Internet, you can map out your network using your public IP address. You can do that in Virtual Machine Details view under Networking button or by going to the tab NAT mappings in Networking category.

Creating network mappings

Simple method

Select a virtual machine from the list.

Selecting virtual machine

Select a service from the list.

Selecting service

To create a network mapping, click on the Create mapping button. After a few seconds, mapping will be created and a service from your virtual machine will be available on the Internet.

List of active network mappings

Advanced method

If you need more advanced configuration, click the Advanced mode checkbox. In this view, you are able to configure a specific public IP address and ports of service.

Source port is a port (or range of ports) of a service running inside of the virtual machine. Destination port is a port (or range of ports) on which service will be available on the Internet. For example, if you wish to make your web server available on the Internet on the address and port 8181 you need to create a network mapping on address with source port set to 80 and destination set to 8181.

You can also create mapping for or to range of ports. The format is X-Y, where both X and Y are port numbers. For example, if every port between 20 and 30 are to be mapped to 8080, source port input should have value 20-30 and destination port should have 8080.

Creating advanced network mapping

Deleting network mapping

If you no longer need a network mapping, click on the trash icon to remove it. After confirming your choice, network mapping will no longer be available.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020