Payment method

What is a promotional code and how to use it? Adding a new payment method. Change the default payment method.

Choosing a payment method

Adding a payment method is the entry of the payment card data and is added during creation a workspace. creation a workspace

You can choose your payment method. By registering an account you can test the service using a trial. Otherwise you will be required to provide a credit card or transfer funds to your One Step Cloud account (Prepaid).

Choosing a payment method


In the option Trial you have the option to try our infrastructure for free up to the amount that is currently set by One Step Cloud. The account has limited limits available in the infrastructure, which can be increased f.e. by changing the payment method. Trail is valid only for 30 days or until the resources are exhausted. Then the account is blocked, but after being unlocked we have access to our infrastructure again. These funds are not withdrawable.

WARNING Trial can only be activated once time per phone number and email address. A trial account allows us to create only one workspace.

Credit Card

If you have chosen a credit card, it is necessary to complete the data to verify the card.

Please note: your card details are not stored in our service in any form, but with our payment process provider, which is specified in the Terms and Conditions. The only payment information we store is the last four digits of your card number - so that you can distinguish your cards from each other.

Payment method change

Changes can be made in the workspace settings (pinion icon) in the tab Billing. To change the default payment method, click on Change credit card if you have already added or simply Add Credit Card when you already using Trial.

CInvioce detail change

The payment method has been changed. Changing the default payment method is helpful e.g. if the current payment method does not work.


The promotion code can be sent to you. This is an additional method to cover costs. To change the default payment method, click Add code.

Promocode add

When you click Enter Code, you will see if the code is correct. Activating an account with a promotional account allows you to try out the account.

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Last updated on 2nd Sep 2020