Managing user permissions

You can grant or revoke permissions for users in the Permissions tab or by clicking on the permissions icon under the Users list tab. Permissions are groupped, so you are not able to grant another user permission to invite user without granting him permission of managing users. Click Update permissions to change permissions to set you can see. If you don't want to change anything, click Discard.

List of permissions consists of:

  • Creating virtual machines,
  • Managing virtual machines networking,
  • Requesting public addresses,
  • Deleting public addresses,
  • Updating billing information,
  • Marketplace view and management,
  • Updating credit card details,
  • Managing other users,
  • Inviting users,
  • Updating users details,
  • Deleting users,
  • Updating users permissions,
  • Uploading SSH keys,
  • Deleting SSH keys.

To grant or revoke permission for a user, select a user from the list and then check or uncheck the respective permission checkbox. Checkboxes are groupped and disabled if the group parent checkbox is disabled. Click on "Update permissions" button to save changes.

Permission changes are executed immediately, which means that if you change permission of user that is currently logged in, his dashboard will change as he sees it.

Managing user permissions

Primary user permissions

Primary user is granted all permissions and that cannot be changed

List of users

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020