Regions - basic information

The region is a representation of the physical location where services are provided in the One Step Cloud.

Activation consists in confirming the willingness to activate by clicking on the button marked Regoin.

Region activation

Or by selecting a Region from the list and activating it in this way.

Region activation

  • Each activated region has one public IP address free of charge. Additional IP addresses can be assigned. Additional addresses can be obtained in the network settings or when creating a new machine.
  • Each Workspace can activate separate configurations of active Regions.
  • Each Region has its own limits.
  • Each Region has its own price list.

Deactivating a Region

A region is deactivated when there has been no paid activity per region during the last 1 month. Activity is determined by having defined VM, DM, additional IP addresses.

You can not deactivate the region by yourself. However, you can request the deactivation of the region.

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Last updated on 2nd Sep 2020