Firewall management

Preview tab network. As a rule, firewall rules are disabled to allow you to freely connect to the virtual machines we created. However, if you want to protect it by creating appropriate firewall rules, you must enable the firewall tab.

Creating firewall rules

If you wolud like to check your firewall rules which are activated in your workspace, click in firewall button (NETWORK TAB).

Add first firewall

If you want to add a rule, click *Add firewall rule.


You will be able to edit the rules.

Delete firewall

  • If you want a rule to be more important than the others, drag/bend it to the top.
  • You can save several rules at the same time by using the button Save all changes.

Deleting firewall rules

If you want to delete a rule, click the Trash button.

Delete firewall

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Last updated on 2nd Sep 2020