Removing account

Removing account of invited user

To remove invited user you have to have permission to delete users. If some of steps below are disabled, contact your primary user to get proper permissions.

First you need to be on the users list view. Go there from side menu:

Removing account

Then, click the delete icon of proper user.

Removing account

The confirm window will appear. Make your final choice and user will be deleted. Deleted user won't be able to log in or do any actions!

Removing account

If you change your mind, you can reinvite user with the same username and email.

Removing account of primary user

An OneStepCloud account cannot work without a primary account. Removing it is equavilent to removing your whole infrastructure, users, data, ect. To remove your primary account, you have to go through the procedure. To start, go to Remove account section.

Removing account

The lists of needed steps will appear. Most likely it will have only red icons which means that it has not been done yet, but it's all right if some are already green, it means that you can skip some steps.

The actions you need to do are described in other parts of the documentation:

Deleting public networks

Deleting virtual machines

Deleting nats

Settling invoices

Once done, the list will look like below: Removing account

Now you need to click the button Generate invoice to generate your final invoice. After this action you will not be able to modify your infrastructure in any way. Adding machines or network addreses will be blocked. To reverse this action, you need to contact our support via email The confirmation window will appear. Make your choice and confirm it.

After invoice is created, settle it just like regular invoice.

The list will be almost completed.

Removing account

Delete account button will be enabled. To finally delete your account, click it.

You should see this message:

Removing account

That means that the process is finished.

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020