Virtual machine details

To open a virtual machine details:

  • In icon view, click on the virtual machine icon or name and then click on the gear icon,

Virtual machine details in icon view

  • In table view, click on the gear icon.

Virtual machine details in table view

A new window will open that contains information such as:

  • Virtual machine name,
  • Amount of CPU cores,
  • Amount of memory in megabytes,
  • Amount of storage in gigabytes,
  • Private IP addresses,
  • Administrative username,
  • When virtual machine was created,
  • Current power state of virtual machine,
  • Current status of virtual machine,
  • Current consumption of CPU,
  • Current consumption of memory,
  • Tasks performed by virtual machine in last 30 minutes.

At the bottom of the window there are action buttons that will execute an operation on the virtual machine.

Virtual machine details

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Last updated on 16th Mar 2020